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My Background

With over 5 years experience in the aesthetic industry, Lauren’s love for achieving healthy, vibrant skin continues to grow each day.


Her own experiences with acne and hyperpigmentation during adolescence sparked a passion for researching and testing products in hopes of achieving clear, even skin. Obtaining experience in both day and medical spas, she has formed her own individual style fusing both a result driven and relaxing experience.


Lauren specializes in reversing hyperpigmentation, is a Certified Acne Specialist and continuously takes educational courses to further her knowledge and bring her clients the best information.

Our Approach

While skin care can definitely be a journey, it doesn’t have to be a road you walk alone. With so many recommendations being fed to you daily, Lauren Pickard SKIN is here to help you identify your individual skin needs and obtain results that last.


Providing curated corrective skin treatments that not only improve the overall appearance of but also HEALTH of the skin, our goal is to build confidence from the inside out. Treating concerns such as acne facial, hyperpigmentation, skin rejuvenation (we prefer this term over anti-aging) and barrier repair, Lauren Pickard SKIN is well versed in treating all skin types and tones.


We will not only guide you in products and regimens but also educate you to make overall lifestyle choices that will benefit your skin and more.

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